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About Me


Mark Paul, the artist behind No Bull Balloon Magic, first picked up learning magic tricks as a hobby in 2012 and was a fast learner, entertaining his friends and family for fun at various gatherings. During one such event,a fundraiser in 2015 he was performing a trick that involved a card inside a balloon.To provide cover ,he learned a few simple dog, horse,(a dog with a long neck,LOL) and sword creations - and they were a huge hit! Kids (and their parents) started lining up to have their turn watching Mark bring their requests to life - everyone had to have one! It wasn't long before requests for birthday parties, weddings, and fundraising events were piling up faster than he could keep up with, and thus No Bull Balloon Magic was born. 


To this day, he can't believe how much fun he has working with balloons - Mark says. "it's the the most rewarding job I've ever had, if you can even call it a job! I am so lucky to have chanced upon this fun!" Watching him work, it is easy to tell he is no stranger to performance art. He has in fact been ballroom dancing since age 19 and believes this is what taught him how to handle the pressure of performing in front of others - one might also say Mark is a natural entertainer! He has even taught a number of couples a spotlight wedding  dance routine.Sometimes the night before the Wedding!!!


Mark was born and raised in Luxemburg, WI, and lives there today with his wife, Judi, and son, Joseph. His two daughters, Jordan and Rachel, are each married and currently live in Michigan and Canada, respectively. His entire family is thrilled with his newest hobby-turned-business and look forward to how he continues to expand his talents for bringing joy to others.

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